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Feature and levels survey


The Australian Height Datum is a geodetic datum for altitude measurement in Australia. This is an agreed height of the average sea level around Australia. That level is known as 0.0m AHD.

A survey is undertaken to transfer or connect the AHD from a permanent survey mark with a registered AHD value to a local temporary benchmark at a site under survey. It is common to connect a feature and levels survey to the AHD.

Common use:

Feature and levels surveys are connected to AHD as a local government requirement for permit applications. Parcels of land that fall within flood zones are connected to the AHD to ensure proposed floor levels are higher than the prescribed minimum.


A feature and levels survey represents the topography and features of a specified site, in plan, format to scale. The survey typically depicts physical features, structures, utilities, slope, fences, and so on.

Any feature and levels survey can be tailored to suit specific requirements. A site analysis and/or site context survey is a type of feature and levels survey that satisfies requirements within ResCode. ResCode is a residential design code in Victoria.

Common use:

Feature and levels surveys are typically supplied to architects/design draft persons/engineers for design purposes. They are also used to accompany design applications that are lodged with local government authorities.

Example Plan

Click here  to see an example plan demonstrating our survey and presentation quality.

Extensive feature and levels surveys, site analysis, site context and AHD surveys on the Mornington Peninsula

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