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Feature and levels survey


Land subdivision is the process of creating or consolidating land into smaller or larger lots and creating new Certificates of Title, enabling the individual sale of these new lots. Buildings can also be subdivided into separate titles for the sale of apartments, offices and retail lots.

Common use:

A plan of subdivision is lodged during construction to enable the sale of separate lots upon completion of the development. Most new subdivisions also require a Title Re-establishment and may also need a Feature & Levels/Site analysis type survey to support an application to council.


A boundary or title re-establishment survey involves the examination of title and survey information to define the title (legal property) boundaries of a parcel of land. These boundaries can then be marked on the ground.

Typically, a certified survey plan is supplied showing survey marks placed and the relationship between existing fences/buildings and the true position of the title boundaries. In Victoria, only Licensed Surveyors may undertake the determination of legal property boundaries.

Common use:

A boundary survey or title re-establishment survey can be used for fencing purposes and/or for the supply to a design person to accurately define the land available. It often accompanies a feature and levels survey.

Comprehensive boundary surveys and subdivision projects across Frankston, Seaford and Carrum Downs.

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