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Professional land surveyors on the Mornington Peninsula

About Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer commenced his career as a land surveyor with a firm of Licensed Surveyors in 1987. He acquired a foundation of knowledge and skills over the next 17 years, over a broad spectrum of land surveying. Steve Palmer is a Member and Certified Practitioner of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute.

Years of land surveying experience

In 2004 Steve Palmer Surveys was born. Steve has combined his experience and skills with a strong work ethic and a willingness to continually upgrade software and land surveying tools to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of surveying technology and deliver a high quality service.

We have developed and refined techniques that utilise high tech equipment to provide maximum efficiency providing a high quality service. The survey team has continually developed since 2004, and takes pride in its performance and always endeavours to maintain and improve our service.

Our surveying equipment

Steve Palmer Surveys employs the use of Trimble robotic total stations that represent the latest technology in surveying equipment. These instruments provide excellence in terms of accuracy (down to plus/minus 2mm) and efficiency.

Robotics allows the surveyors to work freely and independently of the total station enabling maximum output whilst maintaining the required level of accuracy. This hardware is used in conjunction with Autocad and Geocivil software, delivering a quality final product.

Specialised land surveying services

Steve Palmer Surveys provides a specialised, high quality land surveying service. Land surveying is a critical element of the construction and property development process and we believe that we provide a valuable contribution.
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Quoted Time Frames

We understand the importance of completing surveys on time and always endeavour to achieve our quoted time frame. We very rarely miss our survey date and never by more than a few business days

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